Breezair Cooling system: the unique features of the UK product range

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Breezair Cooling system: the unique features of the UK product range

Breezair evaporative cooling systems have set the industry standards in the United Kingdom for efficient cooling with its unique features. Let’s discover them!

Every element of the Breezair evaporative cooling system comes together to ensure that you will enjoy natural energy efficient cooling. In fact, with its unique features and the technology made in Australia, Breezair shines above all others as an innovative world class evaporative cooler. It is the most efficient evaporative cooler in the market. It is furthermore the best solution when cooling large spaces involving high heat load.

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Breezair Cooling system: the unique features of the UK product range

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Built to last

Installing a cooling system is an investment into your business. That is why we build Breezair cooling units that are guaranteed to last. We use materials that can withstand constant use in the harshest climates on earth – our units are exported all over the world.

For example, the Breezair cabinet will not corrode or rust. Actually, the UV stabilised structural polymer material is the same type of acid baths, battery cases and some space satellite components. Moreover, the Breezair’s water distribution system maximises cooling efficiency by supplying a continuous and balanced flow of water across the cooling pads. Breezair cooling system’s balanced flow ensures highest evaporation efficiency and maximum cooling.

Inspiring technology

Seeley International has designed the most advanced technology to give you full control of your coolers in the smartest way.

In fact, the MagIQtouch suite is one of the features that makes it unique. Thanks to the new Wi-Fi Smart App you can operate your system from anywhere, with your mobile device and Internet connection. You can mount the smart Internal air sensor anywhere in your warehouse or factory. This way, you can measure the air temperature at the most relevant place, not just near the controller. The External air sensor, mounted at the bottom of the cooler, intuitively optimises water and energy usage based on outside ambient conditions.

Moreover, Breezair cooling system is compatible with external control devices such as Building Management System (BMS). This way you can integrate the cooling system with other building services and all controlled by the BMS.

Highest cooling performance

Breezair cooling system features advanced technology and a range of unique and clever design features that combine to achieve the highest cooling performance of any similar cooler. One of the most important things is to ensure that cooling pads are of good quality and fully saturated at all times. As the air blows through the pads, water evaporates and the heat in the air is absorbed. This lowers the air temperature.

Revolutionary new Mini-Cell pad structure provides a new development in cooling system technology. New, enhanced small cell design means that the Breezair cooling system boasts a new cutting edge level of cooling capacity.

The Breezair WATERManager ensures optimum machine life with minimum maintenance by constantly checking water quality. As the water in the cooler evaporates, it leaves behind impurities and salts. Further deposited in the tank, they can cause the cooling power to fall. The WATERManager system senses water quality with a probe. This probe sends a signal back to the electronic module. This then ejects some dirty water and allows fresh water to enter.


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